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Stellar 3D Tours for Rentals & VRBO: Bring your rental to life!

Let Stellar Properties bring your rental property or VRBO to life with a Stellar 3D Tour! Wouldn't it be great if potential renters could take a virtual tour of your property? With Stellar Properties new 3D technology they can! Our Stellar 3D tours allow potential renters to really feel like they are taking a tour of your home, even when they are out of state. Deciding on a rental property for a vacation is a big decision, but you can make it easier to say "yes" with a Stellar 3D tour! 

There are so many benefits to allowing potential renters to take a virtual tour of your rental: 

  • Make out of state buyers more comfortable with their rental decision.
  • Differentiate yourself from the other similar properties on the market.
  • Increase occupancy rates. Given that these renters will be spending a lot of money for these vacation rentals, this technology will help them feel more comfortable with the layout, floorplan, lighting, etc and ultimately help them feel more comfortable with their rental decision.

Maximize your rental's potential with Stellar 3D Tours. Want to know how? Contact Tony!   

Sample Stellar 3D Tours:

Erie Condo For Rent
Gunbarrel Condo For Rent
Breckenridge VRBO


How Stellar 3D tours work:

1. We spend less than two hours scanning your property with our 3D camera

2. Your completed 3D space is ready within a few days

3. Once your Stellar 3D tour is ready you can easily use it on your website, listing, and other social media


Have any questions about how Stellar 3D Tours can help you maximize your rental's potential? Contact Tony!