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What Can I Afford?

Starting January 10, 2014 some new rules will go into effect for people looking at getting a mortgage.  Many investors have already changed their guidelines to reflect these changes.  Though, many have already been doing what the new rules require for a while now.

Can you afford the mortgage you are about to get?  Do you have stable income, adequate down payment and money in the bank after you close on a home? Although it has been the focus since 2008 for the investors, it is now being regulated by the CFPB to try and help prevent another mortgage meltdown. You may ask “Is it going to be harder to get a mortgage?”  My answer is probably not.  If you could qualify January 9, 2014, you can likely qualify now.  Maybe not for quite as much house, but in general terms, not much has changed.

Getting pre-qualified is an important step in the house buying process. It is recommended that you get in front of a mortgage professional earlier rather than later, so you can be sure of your ability to get a mortgage before you fall in love with your new home. All pre-qualifications should be done free of charge. If anyone charges you an application fee, look elsewhere.  We can get you pre-qualified, go over the best loan options for your situation, run a total cost analysis, all free of charge at any time. Of course I would love to help you get a mortgage. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

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